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Friday January 19 , 2018
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We were all put here on earth to coexist with all of God’s animals.  We were given such a breath taking landscape to walk among.  We were given some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets to gaze upon.  We were also given the freedom to make our own choices in this lifetime.  Somewhere, some got it right and some went astray.

It was our job to figure out how to coexist with nature, wildlife and our fellow human beings.  It was our job to figure out how to preserve all of our natural resources so that they would stand the test of time.  It was also our job, since the beginning, to learn, teach, and help each other grow so that it would strengthen our future generations.

Life holds many challenges for so many.  Regardless if it is health issues or housing issues or unemployment issues, the bills still have to be paid.  For many, they live paycheck to paycheck and for some, that paycheck doesn’t cover the bills.  There are some who live in survival mode, each day they scrounge and try to figure out just how to survive.

Survival equals risks!  Risks are such an important part of the equation.  For an example, if you are a hunter and needed meat for survival, you are aware that there are many risks involved with hunting.  There could be tigers, bears, venomous snakes that you could succumb to in the forest and you also run the risk of an accident with your own weapon, and this is not including any dangers such as the landscape where you are hunting.  Yes, there are many risks with survival.

What will change the world from where it is now to what we dream it should be is by changing our intent.  A vast majority of people’s intentions are good.  They genuinely want to help each other and will come through in a time of need.   They are the givers in this world.

A person with bad intentions or intentions to inflict harm on another individual, steal from another person or take advantage of someone else, they are the takers in this world.  These are the people who are stopping our world from transforming into the world that we dream of.

Risk is such a heavy word and is lightly talked about today.  The reason I bring up the subject of risks is because just maybe someone who might read this will think twice, maybe save their life.  Maybe a simple reminder each day will help bring about better choices.  Isn’t that what we are here to do, to learn to make wise choices regarding every aspect of life and the lives and the environment that surrounds us?  So, if a person has bad intentions maybe, just maybe, they have forgotten or have minimalized the risks involved.  Maybe our part is to remind them and help them make better choices.   If you carry a gun, there is a great risk that you will die by a gun.  If you do harm to another person there is a great risk that you will go to prison or have the same thing done to you.  If you rob or steal, you run the risk of being shot by someone who is protecting their belongings and if you don’t get shot, you may just end up in jail.  Sometimes we don’t make the best decisions, but it is the repercussions of those risks that help keep us grounded.

If you have bad intentions it is on you, not anyone else.  Simply put, the people with bad intentions do not care.  They do not care about you or me, what you have or how hard you’ve worked to own it, they could care less if you breathe or not, they have no goals or dreams, and if they do, they are not good ones.

Too many people with intentions of just going to work, paying bills and having a couple of nice things should not fall prey to someone with bad intentions.  If I was starving and didn’t have any money, I would knock on the door of a stranger and ask for food before I would ever consider stealing or robbing someone.    Why would anyone steal a car from someone who might need that vehicle to get to work to provide for their family or get to a doctor’s appointment?  Why would someone just take something from someone who worked hard for it and is responsible enough to own it?  Because they have bad intentions and maybe they only know how to steal?!  They make these choices because they don’t consider their intentions or the risks of what they are doing.  We are all raised differently, what some people would never consider doing others would do in the blink of an eye.

For me, life is more much more than being brought into this world, it is the lessons in between and how I depart that matter.  I like to think that we do a wonderful job in cohabitating with each other and everything that exists in our world.  Hurricane Henry was a prime example of this.  People of every race and religion were working and helping each other, side by side.  The animals were with these people.  I just wish that it didn’t take a catastrophe to bear witness to it.  There were so many amazing stories of brotherly and sisterly love that came through.  Out of this disaster I truly see the blessings.

During a crisis, there will be some who pull together and some who will fall apart.  Which one are you?  There are many people who give and there are many who only care about themselves.  Which one are you?  Do you have good or bad intentions?  Are you aware of the risks that come with the decisions that you make?  Do you teach/preach to our youth about these risks?  Are they fully aware of the consequences of their actions?  Maybe if we stressed this more, maybe if we reminded them more, our prisons might just hold a few less inmates.  Maybe a person with bad intentions might just turn their life around.  It is my hope and my dream that this happens.

One day, may the line between heaven and earth be no more and our worlds will be as one.

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