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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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Finding Resolution:

Answers will come streaming in when you try to resolve an easy issue.  The bigger the issue, the answer gets a little more complex.  Sure, if we’re trying to lose weight or quit smoking we have a lot of options at our finger tips.  But, if we’re trying to find an end to homelessness, fight hunger or help those in need with mental issues, it is not that easy.  There are too many factors, too many scenarios.  But the fact that there are basic needs that aren’t being met is very scary and inhumane.

We, as a society, love our fur babies.  I have two dogs which I love, but I would never place the importance of my dog’s life before another human beings life.  There are more humane shelters than there are Domestic Violence shelters.  This is so sad and something I would love to see changed during my lifetime.

Can these issues be resolved?  Yes, I do believe they can be. You see, most places that help those in need are the Salvation Army, Churches and Food Pantry’s.  Most people get upset when their taxes get raised, where does that money go?  One place I know they go is in our prison system.  It is sad at this day and age when a person who has committed no crime has to go without food, warmth and medications, yet those who have committed heinous crimes are able to sleep in warmth, get their medications and not go hungry.  This absolutely makes no sense to me.

No one should ever go hungry, denied medication or be homeless, period!  Just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean that they have a mental illness or they’re hooked on drugs.  Each one of us is one bad thing happening to them from being homeless.  Let that sink in for a moment.  You can have everything that you’ve ever dreamt of and then one day you get very ill, hospital bills wipe you out and you lose everything.  You go to work to find that the company folded, the recession hits and you lose everything.  This is how homelessness happens; for a lot of people it is not a volunteer state.

There are people with mental illness who need to be evaluated and medications that have to be taken.  They have nothing and some are very hard to get treatment for, but we can’t give up on them.  It is our responsibility as a society to NOT look the other way and to help those in need.

I do believe a lot of organizations do help countless people.  It is the ones who slip through the cracks that worry me.  I have seen people too proud to ask for help even though they need it.  And I have seen plenty of people abuse the organizations that are there to help those in need.

Most of the organizations are set up as an emergency basis.  Meaning, they really don’t have a plan in place for long term.  This is our crisis!  This is something that we need to fix.  If we can house our inmates, I think it is time to house our homeless, feed our hungry and get help for people with mental illness.  Can you imagine for just one moment how it would feel to be in their shoes?  You would want someone to help you!

A person who has had any type of struggle understands the struggle that someone else goes through.  They get it.  They show compassion.  They know firsthand how hard life can be.  Those are the ones who help others; they are our hope for change.

So, I propose a voluntary donation on your income tax form that would be filled out by you in the amount that you would like to give to help those in need.  If everyone donates a dollar, five dollars or even ten dollars, can you imagine how much good that would do?   I don’t have much, but I would definitely donate to help others, I do quite often.  Giving is not just important during the holidays; it is important year all year round.

Most of the people that I know look forward to income tax season.  It is the time of year when people either get a large sum of money or they have to pay.  If we had three boxes for someone to check to donate to help resolve these issues, I strongly believe they would.

Help fight Huger______        Homelessness______    Mental Illness______

This is a good idea but there are a lot of important factors to consider.  What organization/organizations would be in charge of these issues?  How would they continue to operate throughout the year?  There are a lot of things to consider, but it is a start.

When there are budget cuts, often times it is the organizations which help others who take a big hit.  Often times leaving their doors shut to others who desperately need their assistance.

Most people donate and help others out around the holidays; people are more willing to give during that time.  But, hunger, homelessness and mental illness don’t wait for a holiday.  Every person in every nation deserves warmth, food and medical attention.  It is our job to help those in need.

May love and compassion guide you!  May strength and courage see you through!.  Love and light.  Tami.

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