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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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Please read my blog in its entirety.

I decided to write this powerful blog after I had heard a friend state that she’d rather hang out with men than women.  This is nothing new to me as I have heard it before from other people and I have felt the same way on many occasions.  Why?  Because women judge!  Women are mean and women are jealous, well you get the picture.  Now, at this point I have to watch what I say or the claws will start coming out.  Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy!

It is pretty easy if you think about it.  We are a nurturing soul, we are here to help others rise above and to make ourselves and others better people.  The problem is that we don’t uplift each other.  This breaks my heart!

How can we as women expect the world to come together, to grow and for all nations to nurture each other when we can’t even come together as women?  We are starting to!

Here’s something that I want you to think about for a moment.  There has been a major problem with women in the workplace for many, many years.  Some women want other women to succeed and other women don’t.  They become jealous and evil.  Some will get other employees to agree with their meanness.  Let me tell you what I think of this act.  When an employee does mean things to try and get another employee to quit; it is pure evil, pure jealousy!  What if that person is a single mom?   When you chase a woman away from her job you are stealing food from her child’s mouth.  Have you ever stolen food from a hungry child?  Well, that’s what you’re doing when you are mean to each other in the workplace.  Let that sink in for a moment.

What if she was taking care of her elderly parents?  Are you mean to the elderly?  Well you are now if you try to get an employee to quit by being mean.  What if that employee wants to better themselves or they’re simply trying to survive?  Would you want your daughter to endure this behavior?  So why do it to others then?

You see, it is never about one woman, (singular).  It will NEVER be about ONE woman.  Why?  Because one woman is the main connection to others!  One woman is connected to her children, her children’s friends and teachers, her parents, cousins, her friends, her employees, her husband/partners family and friends and everyone on her journey through life.  You see, when you’re mean to that one person, it trickles down the line.  It has an effect on so many others.  What if that one woman was providing food and shelter to her friend or sister who had recently lost their job to a layoff?  How many people will the situation effect?

The judging has to stop!  Who really cares if you have designer things on or not?  Whose business is it the way you live your life?  NOBODY’S!  Do you think that you are perfect?  Guess what?  WE ALL ARE!  Perfect bodies, perfect minds and perfect souls!

There is such a good side to being a woman.  There are kind souls out there who love and nurture us.  They are angels, planted specifically by God.  They are the ones holding your hand during trying times.  They are the ones who make you laugh during your worst moments of fear.  They are the ones who hold you tight after your heart has been ripped out.  They are the ones who tell you that the finish line is near.  They are the ones who give you hope.

Yes, we are angels sent from above.  We have a lot of work to do!  Our job is mending the souls of others.  Our job is to rid the world of hatred and meanness.  Our job is to drive out the bad things which are killing and poisoning our youth.  Yes, we have a long road ahead of us but we’ve already started along our path and I’ve seen much progress over the years.  I have never seen as many women in groups as I have currently.  This is awesome!  How inspiring to see other women inspire each other!  We have found our starting point. J

How can one woman move a mountain?  She can’t, but together alongside other women they can build a road to the top of the mountain and share a vision of a new world that has been changed through love.

So, start looking into each other’s souls.  Don’t point fingers because someone is different, admire that special quality in them!  Admire the fact that they are not robots who succumb to the sameness of the world.  Admire the ones who make their own trends.  Admire the ones who have the strength and courage to step out of themselves and transform themselves!

Throughout my life I have been blessed by the company of many strong women.  I sit back and reflect on all of the accomplishments that so many brave women have done to pave the way for us now.  Just think for a moment…think about what you are able to do now that you weren’t able to do 20, 50 or 100 years ago.  Think about what you had to wear, and how you had no voice.  Ladies, we have gained our voice!  It wasn’t lost, it was always there, but silenced.  Our voice was silenced by fear.  The goal was to keep us silenced, it might have worked temporarily, but we were way too smart for that.  If you don’t want something or someone to succeed, you instill fear in them.  We have become fearless.  Don’t you love it!!!

Let us talk about fear for a moment.  Each person is a reflection of our selves, a mirrored image of our selves.  In other words, what you don’t like in someone else is a reflection of what you don’t like in yourself.  But it is easier to point the finger at someone else rather than yourself.  Yes, we humans like to do what’s easier.  So, the hard work is to fix in yourself what you dislike in others!  Some are unwilling to do the necessary work to fix themselves and while some are pounding the pavement, becoming successful there will be those who sit and gossip about them.

What words of wisdom would you pass on to a young woman?  What would you say to your grandbabies from generations to come?  What will the women of the future be like?  How will it be for them in the workplace?  How will the pay structure be for them?  What will they accomplish?  What words would you tell them to help them keep their dream alive?  How would you help them strive forward?  How will women treat each other in the future?  Will we ever rid ourselves of the jealousy and perfection that we claim we don’t possess?


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