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Saturday December 16 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.

A Blessing

Each time I sat down to write a new blog I was constantly interrupted.    It seemed like every 5 minutes my spoiled dogs wanted to go outside.  It also seemed like every time I sat down to relax I had to get up to pick up scattered clothes that my husband had left draped over the couches.  Or, I finally sit down to write and have lost all train of thought.  I had my title/subject that I wanted to write about but not enough hours in the day to make it happen.  It is often during the times when we are most busy that we lose track of how blessed we are.

So, as I sit here listening to my phone blowing up, I can clearly see how far we’ve been distancing ourselves from some things.  All the phone calls, text messages, email alerts, news notifications, Facebook posts and we certainly can’t forget about important Instagram pictures from friends and family, it is amazing that we can finish reading a book.



It seems like it has been ages since I sat down and wrote a blog.  There were many times that I started to write, but I felt that I didn’t have the energy to put into it to produce the quality that I wanted.

So, I sit here in utter amazement of how fast time has been able to escape me.  Let me give you a little more detail.  We purchased a small cottage on the river a few years back, it was a nice house but we had to keep our other house in case the river flooded.  So, we flooded two years ago, we moved back into our home, which we had rented out to my son.  We decided to demolish our home on the river as the damage was too extensive.  After the demolition was complete we jumped in and built our home.  My husband and I built our beautiful home.



History is a tool used to track success and failures. It is used as a tool to benchmark your future successes. You will never be able to erase history. Throughout history, Unspeakable tragedies have transpired all over the globe. Some of those things we have learned from and progressed, there are so many others that we are still learning from.

How can a runner beat his best time? He has to refer back to find out his fastest time and use that as his benchmark for future races.


Dimensions Apart

Only through love and compassion can we begin to see and understand the uniqueness in others, no matter how different they may seem or appear to be.  For everyone’s sake we need to try and understand how they think and feel, what their wants and needs are and how they express those things.

I always thought that those with special needs were so gifted.  I thought that they were not of this world but above us, closer to heaven and brought here to us for a reason.  The lesson is to teach us that there is a huge difference between the body, spirt and mind.  The lesson is to never judge.  The lesson is that love comes in many forms and many in ways.  That love doesn’t have to be spoken, and can be felt from such a long distance, but you know the love is there, you can feel it.


A Life Changing Event Changes You!

After Hurricane Harvey, I waited to hear if there was going to be any type of counselors on hand for the residents who had lost so much during this disaster.  So, I decided to write this blog in hopes that it might help someone cope with what they are going through.

A devastating event can change your life.  This can happen by witnessing the loss of all of your personal possessions, making it out of a tragic event and witnessing the loss of life.  Just seeing those things can leave deep, emotional scars.  It will affect you.



We were all put here on earth to coexist with all of God’s animals.  We were given such a breath taking landscape to walk among.  We were given some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets to gaze upon.  We were also given the freedom to make our own choices in this lifetime.  Somewhere, some got it right and some went astray.

It was our job to figure out how to coexist with nature, wildlife and our fellow human beings.  It was our job to figure out how to preserve all of our natural resources so that they would stand the test of time.  It was also our job, since the beginning, to learn, teach, and help each other grow so that it would strengthen our future generations.


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