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Saturday December 16 , 2017
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There is some point in your life when you know someone or you are personally touched by cancer. Everyone reacts different to the disease. Some people get mad, some people sigh at what lies ahead for them. But everyone must agree that a positive attitude is what helps you heal.

That certain place in your heart, you hold so dearly, you share with so many other cancer survivors. One word, one thought, or one kind gesture can go such a long way. Other survivors know the right thing to say, the right questions for you to ask your doctors and so on. They are truly a godsend for so many.

If you are touched by cancer, it will test your faith, it will test your belief system, it will make you ask questions that you have no answers to. This isn’t about the regimen of different treatment methods prescribed by your doctor. This is the connection of one survivor to the next. It’s not about waiting for the scientist to find a cure. It’s the molding of people in the masses, to be as one, for a common goal, to be healed.

Cancer is much more than the run of tests or chemo or radiation. It’s about all of the people that you come across, the surgeons, the doctors and the team of professionals along the way. I treasure not only their knowledge, but their ability to understand and their compassion. But mostly, I treasure other survivors because they genuinely know the ups and downs. They understand the effects of the toxic drugs that are pumped into your system. Survivors know all about your good days and your bad days. And mostly, they know the celebration when you’ve beat it.

So, here’s to a happy, healthy life. Here’s to you appreciating every breath and every kind word along the way. And here’s to you, someone who’s been touched by cancer. Hugs to all.

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