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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

A six pack is probably one of the body features men desire most these days. Very few men actually achieve this goal, mainly due to not understanding exactly how a six pack is achieved. Getting one is hard to achieve, and it takes a lot of work, but the benefits are plain to see. Not only will you look good, and get a lot of attention from the women, but you will also feel great. This will build confidence, and can improve other areas of your life.

Following the wrong advice can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. There are many misconceptions around about the best way to achieve a six pack. Probably the most prominent is that doing abdominal exercises over and over will get your good results. This is not true unless you have low enough body fat. Whilst your body fat is too high, your abdominal muscles will never be visible, no matter how many sit ups or other exercises you do. The only way to achieve this is through dieting and performing fat burning exercises. Focusing on just dieting or on cardio based workouts will not be effective; you need to build a routine that uses both of these fat loss methods.

Another big time and money sink are special abdominal gadgets and weight loss pills. The gadgets promise to work your abdominal muscles, and the pills promise to burn off fat without you having to do anything. If you buy into these ideas, you will never achieve your goals. Getting a six pack involves regular exercise, a low fat healthy diet, consistent commitment, and time.

You may be disappointed that there are no easy paths to take to get the six pack of your dreams, however once you understand exactly how fat loss and muscle building works, it is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is sculpt your abdominal muscles, and lose enough weight so that the layer of fat covering the abdominal muscles is reduced enough to make your abs visible. Whilst doing this may take some sacrifices, it is not exactly rocket science.

If you consistently stick to the following 3 methods, you are sure to see results in a matter of weeks:

1. Cut out junk food and alcohol from your life. You need to be eating a balance diet of protein carbohydrates, and fat.

2. Control the amount of calories you consume per day - the amount you need to lose weight will vary depending on your weight, but you should gradually decrease the calories you consume every week or so, until you reach your target weight. Reducing your calorie intake is one of the most effective methods for losing fat.

3. Begin a weight training and cardiovascular training routine. Doing this three to four times per week should be sufficient. Each cardio session should last for about half an hour, and can be any activity that raises your heart rate. It does not have to be running if you do not enjoy running, try to pick an exercise that you will stick with. The weight training is also essential as it encourages your body to burn fat only when losing weight. Without weight training, you will be at risk of losing muscle and fat, which will reduce the appearance of your abs. Also, by undertaking weight training that targets the abs, you will strengthen, grow, and firm them. This will enhance their appearance once your body fat is low enough.

Introducing these simple but effective methods into your lifestyle are sure to get you the results you want within a few months, and improvements are likely to be visible after just a few weeks.


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