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Saturday December 16 , 2017
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Domestic Violence Video


0 #3 Tami Principe 2014-09-15 06:53
Domestic Violence is a cycle. Children learn from what they see. The way to stop the cycle is to help educate our young on how to look for signs and how to break the cycle. It is a painful topic to discuss and its repercussions last from generation to generation. Let’s stop it by learning and teaching about it.
0 #2 Tami 2011-12-26 19:13
Rebecca, thank you so much for viewing the video. I thought that statistic was high myself but that's the percentage that they say. I am not sure how they track it. I am not too crazy about statistics because I feel a lot of things in life go without being reported.
0 #1 Rebecca A. Young_Los 2011-12-24 17:23
I have to totally disagree with the comment that 50% of abused become abusers. I have been abused almost my enitre life and I am fortysix years old. In fact as Iam the victim I know i never have or never could abuse another human being after what I have lived through.

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Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten.
In Illinois, more than 300,000 women are abused each year.
More women are injured by domestic violence than are injured in auto accidents, muggings, or rape combined.
40% of female homicides occur as a result of domestic violence.
57% of all homeless women and children are victims of domestic violence.
97% of those reporting domestic violence are women.
60% of battered women report that their first abusive relationship began in high school.
36% of high school relationships involve some type of violence.
One in five teenage girls report to have suffered physical and/or sexual violence at the hands of a dating partner.



Crisis Center of  South Suburbia or call 708-429-SAFE (7233)

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the SSFS, South Suburban Family Shelter, Inc. at 708-335-3028 (these are hotline numbers).

Safety Tips: Keep tabs on your abuser, make sure they’re not watching or following you.  Be safe, notice your surroundings, the people, and the cars, and try to not be alone.  Carry your cell phone at all times and pre-program emergency phone numbers.

You can donate to the Crisis Center of South Suburbia by clicking on this link: