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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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Love Yourself!

In today's Huffington Post I read an article, by Brittany Gibbons, about body image. To sum it up, it said not to criticize people who are of a fuller stature and to love the body you have. She called this ill treatment, "fat shaming." Attempting to chastise larger people into thinness doesn't work. It's all about respect to people. By no means did the writer intend to say live an unhealthy lifestyle. What she is saying is love YOU no matter how you look and that YOU deserve to be happy.

I feel this is an awesome article because we're all judged based on appearance. Especially women. We all have the right to be happy and feel beautiful at every and any size.  

Gibbons wrote, " I'm healthier and have lost more weight in two years (psst. still a size 16, hope we can still be friends) than I have in my life, because I finally felt like I respected myself enough to be worth it.
Because when we teach people that they have value, that their feelings matter and they have a beauty inside them worth respecting, they begin to believe it. True story.
I'm more active because I'm less afraid to leave my house. I eat less because I have sh*t to do, in cute clothes, no less. I make better food choices because I finally, finally, love and appreciate the body I walk around in. “Every curve and dimple."

PS- If you feel like losing weight is for you; please see a physician and or dietitian for guidance.   

To view her talk on body image go to

To read more on the recent story follow the link below.




Stephanie A. Taylor is an award-winning journalist who resides in Chicago. She has written for several publications including StreetWise Magazine and Windy City Times. She also has her own blog called Women's Issues and Triumphs. Taylor will soon publish her first collection of poems called "Raw Emotions," on Kindle.



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