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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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Remembering Talia Castellano

By Sarah E. Williams

Talia Castellano a beautiful soul and inspiration to many passed this Tuesday from Cancer.  At only 13 Talia established an audience of over 14 million followers with her YouTube makeup tutorials. Her courageous story won the hearts of many celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars to name a few.

On the Ellen show she was named an honorary Cover Girl and received a personalized message from Bruno Mars stating, “Your courage- inspiring, and your spirit- infectious, you’re amazing just the way you are!!”

Talia’s battle with Cancer began at age 7 and through her journey she touched the lives of many with her unwavering spirit.   Talia Castellano stated “The journey of Cancer has been amazing but every Journey has to end”. Let’s honor Talia Castellano today by remembering her legacy; one of a bold and beautiful fighter.

About The Author:

Sarah E. Williams is Founder of Open Sesame Cards.  Open Sesame Cards create encouragement cards for children and adults with cancer as well as their loved ones. Open Sesame Cards give you the words to say during a time when you don’t know what to say. Overall they empower with encouragement and hope. For more information contact Sarah E. Williams at




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