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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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You can, you are and you will become.  These are powerful affirmations that only you can make happen.  All you have to do is believe in yourself.

You can do anything that you want to do.  You can obtain anything in this life that you desire to have or make happen.  You can be the kind of person that you image to be.  You can do it!  Life is limitless and holds all possibilities.  Your mind sets you free and your actions are your footprints to new possibilities.

You are all the wonderful things that you see in others.  You are beautiful, kind, smart and compassionate.  You are the very breath that someone holds so dear.  You are magnificent!  You are beautiful!  You are strong!  You are resilient! You are love and loving. You are caring!  Your soul is a loving soul and others see and feel that love.  You are YOU!  Always be proud of who you are.

You will become what you envision your best self to be.  You will get past any hurt or sorry and carry that compassion forward to help others.  You will be who and what you want to become.  Your desire, hard work, ambition and dedication will carry you through to obtain it.  You have so many capabilities that you haven’t yet discovered.  You will become what you envision yourself to be.  Through time and life experiences, these are lessons learned; you will become a better version of you.  All you have to do is believe and have faith in yourself and you will become.


0 #2 Tami Principe 2017-01-27 12:59
Thank YOU, Liz!! :)
0 #1 Liz Redd 2017-01-25 15:00
Thanks for sharing this article.

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