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Saturday December 16 , 2017
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A Dream

Always follow your dreams; you’ll never know where they will lead you.  Life is but a dream!   There are those who do not know how to dream or have forgotten how to dream, and we have those who continuously dream.  Whichever one you are in is fine; the main thing in life is that you are happy.

Let’s start with the dream~ a strongly desired goal or purpose.  What is it that you desire?  What is your purpose?  What will you do after you attain your goal?  When was the last time you had a dream?

Have you ever heard the term, “dream big?”  There is NO limit to what you can do or attain!  To put a limit on a dream is the same as putting a limit on your own capabilities.  Don’t be afraid to dream big, this is how far your mind can span!

Everyone’s dreams are different; everyone’s means of reaching their dreams are different.  Your dream will NOT mean the same to someone else.  Your path to obtaining that goal/purpose/dream/vision is your own personal journey, not someone else’s.  You should never, ever knock down someone else’s dream.  Our lesson in life is to uphold each other, to lift each other’s spirits and help each other obtain their goals and dreams.  All should be done with the intent of making our world a better place for all.

What is my purpose?  What am I here for?  You are here for your own goals and dreams and I strongly believe that you are here to help others obtain theirs as well.  You have to find out what makes you tick!  You have to know your likes and dislikes, what your interests are and what you have a passion for.  Your purpose will come from these things.  Your goal/dream/purpose/vision will change as you grow.

One day there was a man who loved to play baseball professionally.  He had an accident resulting in a permanent injury.  Even though he could not play professional baseball anymore, his love for the game was still fulfilled by coaching others.  My belief is that after we serve ourselves, the universe forces us to teach/serve others.  And if we’ve served others, the universe forces us to teach/serve ourselves.  So, each moment in time we are either serving ourselves or others.  One moment we are the nurse and the next moment we are the patient.  This is the yin and yang of life.  One moment we nurture others and the next we are in need of others to nurture us.

There is no right dream or wrong dream.  The important thing is to never stop dreaming.  Regardless if your dream is for yourself or for the world, it is an important dream.  Don’t ever let anyone take your dream away from you.

You will know when your dream is a big dream.  Your goal/dream/purpose/vision will scare you.  Your dream will carry you outside of your comfort zone.  It will challenge you!  It will make you feel as if it is unattainable by yourself, that you can’t do it.  But you are not meant to fulfill this dream by yourself; it requires you to seek the help of others!  Once you realize your dream, you will immediately start planning and incorporate others to help you turn your dream into a reality.  Your Big Dream will require the help of others in order for it to become a success.  Remember, we are all connected and that connection is vital for all things to flourish, especially dreams.  Remember, you have everything you need, within you, to make your dream become a reality!  Have faith in yourself.  Just know and believe that you and your dreams are important.

Hopefully, one day we will be able to share our dreams as freely as we share our thoughts, feelings or concerns on our social media platforms.  Everything in life was once a dream, thought or a vision!  What is your dream, thought or vision?


0 #4 Tami Principe 2017-02-12 06:25
Whatever you wish, Alana! Thanks for sharing!
0 #3 Alana 2017-02-03 17:55
Never stop dreaming - but what is my dream? I really am out of touch with my dreams. What does the universe have in store for me now and in the future?
0 #2 Tami Principe 2017-02-03 09:43
Yes indeed, Roy! Thank you so much for sharing!
0 #1 RAAckerman, PhD, EA 2017-02-03 08:25
I always believe that we should dream so big that it terrorizes us. Because that will command our attention and help us achieve it. Leaving a big difference in our- and others' lives.

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