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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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Throughout our lifetime, adversity will appear in many forms.  It is getting through those struggles which can either make us or break us.  For many, it will break us temporarily.  It is by mustering up the courage through the tears, during our moments of weakness, which makes us stronger.

Loss of any kind can blindside us and it is through loss which brings us to our knees.  The loss of a loved one takes a strong hold on our hearts which leaves our body numb.  The loss of any kind will always leave us wondering, why!  It is in our search for the answer which leaves us with strong emotions.  It is our inability or ability to understand why that happened which is a part of the healing process.  It is when we change our focus instead of the why’s and start to cherish the wonderful memories that we begin to heal.  Not everyone reacts to loss the same way, please remain respectful and give them all the time they need and be there for them.

The loss of a job or the loss of everything that we have can be very devastating.  Our careers are a huge part of our being, for many our co-workers are an extension of our families.  It is during our moments of weakness that we question ourselves and our abilities.  It is also during our moments of weakness that realizations are born.  We realize who we are and what we are made of.  Weaknesses will test our faith on all levels.  A good cry nourishes the soul and lifts the veil revealing our true selves.  The unveiling of our true selves restores our faith in ourselves and our abilities.  We are indeed stronger than we know or give ourselves credit for.  Our worldly possessions can always be replaced but it is still devastating nonetheless.  Through time and patience all can be restored, maybe not to the same extent, maybe better.

Some people have an entourage of people to help them through their adversities, while some do not.  The important thing is to extend love to all; you never know who maybe in desperate need of a smile, compliment or a hug.  Extend to others the love, motivation and positive vibes to help them through their struggles.  As we all know, a crisis or a devastating event can bring us to our knees and it is there that we grow the strongest.  Regardless if it is new revelations or releasing the situation, you will become stronger.

I pray during your adversity, that you muster up the courage and strength needed to embrace all of the emotions surrounding the situation and that the veil is lifted for you to see your true self and all the wonderful possibilities that you hold.  May love and kindness always remain within you, guide you and surround you.


0 #6 Tami Principe 2017-03-14 08:11
Thank you, Gemma!
0 #5 Gemma Forster 2017-03-11 10:45
Wise words!
0 #4 Tami Principe 2017-03-09 20:36
Yes indeed, Roy! Thank you so much. Right on target my friend!!
0 #3 Tami Principe 2017-03-09 20:35
Thank you so much, Salma! When you go through any type of adversity the emotions are so intense. It is tough to go through.
0 #2 Roy A Ackerman, PhD, 2017-03-09 06:51
Dealing with adversity- while painful during the journey- leaves us better able to handle the next obstacle. Whether it's just learning that "this too shall pass" or developing coping mechanisms or realizing how we got there...
0 #1 salma 2017-03-09 00:25
Adversity can be tough to deal with. Thank you for your positive thoughts.

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