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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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As I walk through this life, I carry with me all of the love from the past, the excitement of the current moment and the long awaited anticipation of the future.

As I walk, I acknowledge and appreciate all who have helped form me into this strong, independent, loving person that I am today.  Notice as I said, “all,”  There were days when the wind spoke to me, or a squirrel came to see me or the most beautiful clouds appeared and it made me feel like I was already in heaven.

There are days when I reflect on the past.  Through all of the twists and turns, ups and downs and the highs and lows that life has put me through, I can truly say that I am blessed.  As I reflect on those twists and turns, life could have been so different had I made a different choice along the way!  I could have been so different had I not had loving people in life.  I treasure all those in my life who have passed on, they helped mold me and in doing so a part of them lives on.

It is one thing to be told, “I love you.”  But, what an amazing thing to see it in someone’s eyes and to feel it deep down in your soul!  There are people who you don’t have to speak a word and someone else already knows what they’re thinking.  Life would be great if we all had that fabulous connection.  I reflect daily on the eyes of those whom I love and those whom I miss, their love was in their eyes and in their laughter.

I awake each morning always in pain but I do not let the pain shape the way my day will start nor end.  Each day I take a moment and reflect on whom and what got me to this point in my life; I am so blessed and humbled by it.  I have found that it is not just the bad or painful times that bring you to your knees, but the times when life leaves you speechless in a good way.

As I look to the future my vision is pretty plain by some people’s standard.  I hope that at the end of my time I am a pleasant memory for someone else.  I hope that someone else learns from me, from struggle and pain you can have a happy life.  If you are poor or homeless, that it is a temporary situation.  You choose which door you want to open, you choose the life you want to have.

Life is very humbling; it gives in one moment and takes it away in the next.  It is that humbling feeling which keeps us grounded so that we do not get bigger than ourselves.  Everyone is unique and yet we are so similar.  The events in our life shape us and if we don’t stay humbled by it, we will fail.  This is a very powerful thought, “that could be me.”  If just one decision was different or one circumstance was different, the outcome could have been very different.  Did you get the job or will you end up homeless?  There is a fine line and we waiver on it continuously throughout our lifetime.  This is what keeps us humbled, knowing that the person next to us is the exact same as you, just a different circumstance occurred.  This is why you never judge anyone!  If the circumstance was different, it could be you going through it.  It only takes one moment or the right circumstance to occur for your life to be totally different from what it is now.

I think about God every day and I’m so thankful for all of his blessings.  Everything in life is a blessing, everything that exists in this universe and beyond is a blessing.  Take a moment daily to reflect it.  Sometimes when you go back in your memory bank you carry all of that love forward.

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