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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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Never Give Up!

Sometimes we get so discouraged when things don’t turn out like we planned or hoped for.  Sometimes you sit back and think about how different things would be if more opportunities would come your way.  It feels like the more you put into something the more disappointed you are if it doesn’t pan out.  The key is to never give up!  Keep trying!  Keep pushing!  Sometimes a problem is like a Rubik’s cube, you have to twist it and view it from many different angles before you see the solution.

I have seen so many people try and then give up.  It hurts my heart to see that because they are so close to seeing their dreams come true.  I have seen too many people go down the wrong road.   Have you ever seen someone that was so talented and then they went just screwed it up by not making better decisions?  If you discover your talents, you are already one step ahead in the game!  Then you have to keep perfecting that talent, which means practice, practice and more practice.

I have seen personal relationships interfere and sometimes ruin someone who was headed to fame.  I have seen many gifted people pawn their things because of hard times.  Sure, life is not always full of pleasantries, but you have to hop back on that horse and ride!  Get back on your feet and get your things back from the pawn shop.  Sit down and write, play and sing about that broken relationship.  Out of hardships come rewards!

I want to talk about faith for a moment.  Faith is the core to everything.  You have to have faith in yourself in order to make it.  My strong faith in God has helped me through so many struggles in my life.  I still have faith in all of mankind.  One day your faith will be tested by a cloud of darkness, but the cloud will pass.  Your faith, on all levels, will be tested when that cloud is above you.  It is during your hardest times that you will start to lose sight of who you are and what you are made of.  You will question the fairness in life.  You will turn into a disbeliever.  But, these feelings can last a moment or a lifetime; it is all up to you.  You can push away all those negative thoughts the very moment they come to mind or you can live those very thoughts for the rest of your life.  Don’t give in, don’t give up and keep the faith!  I will put my faith into those around me but I will always carry a much stronger faith in myself.  I have seen so many put so much faith in others and have such little faith in themselves.   One person cannot carry the faith for two people.  Sure, I can carry you for a little while, but you will eventually have to find the faith that resides within you.

I also want to talk about pride.  Pride is so important and it can be a double edged sword. People who appreciate things take pride in them; they care for them and are proud of them. People take pride in themselves by doing the same.  Pride was a very important thing growing up.  You could be poor, but you didn’t have to look it and you had to take pride in who you are regardless of how much money was in your pocket.

There is also something that is called, too proud. This is when a person needs help desperately but has too much pride to ask for help from others.  If a person needs food, clothes, warmth, etc., and they have so much pride that they can’t ask for help, they might parish because of it.

One last thing that I would like to talk about and that is kicking someone while they’re down.  It doesn’t seem plausible, but it happens more than you would think.  I have seen this happen, I have felt this personally and it is inexcusable and it hurts.  There is only one thing that I can say about that and that is, “Thank you.”  Thank you for the opportunity to see your true colors, to see the kind of person that you really are.  I welcomed you with a good, sincere heart and you tried to change me, you tried to make my heart become dark and evil.  But, that never happened; it had the opposite effect on me.  I see more light and love in others than I have ever seen before.  So, for that I say, thank you.


0 #1 Tami Principe 2017-04-09 10:28
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Alana! The best of luck to you! :)

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