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Friday January 19 , 2018
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A Miracle

You are the product of a miracle.  Miracles happen all around the globe, every day.  It is not by chance that you are exactly where you are at this very moment.

If everyone awoke in the morning and thought, “I am a miracle,” I do believe there would be a lot more happiness and gratitude in the world.  I am the product of a miracle, we all are.  Our bodies are very complex it is truly a miracle how our body functions.

There have been many, many miracles in my life.  I appreciate and acknowledge all miracles that happen in my life and around me.  If I ever forget, the universe has a way of reminding me, humbling me.

So, this morning as I drink my coffee and look out into the darkness that fills the sky, I notice the magnificent moon and the beautiful stars out in the distance, they too are a miracle.  Shortly I know I will witness the most amazing sunrise.  Yes, we are surrounded by miracles every day.

Miracles come in all forms in our universe.  I have been blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life, I call them miracles.  It is a miracle that I stand before you and you stand before me, it is a miracle how our journey has led us here to the same place.  I call the people around me angels, some I have known for a very long time and some briefly.  It might be their smile, or something they say, their perspective on things or their outlook on life, but they are my angels and they are my miracles.

The simple fact that you can feel your heart beat or open your eyes in the morning, is indeed a miracle.  Throughout your day notice all of the miracles that you witness.  Notice all of the angels that walk with you and speak to you.

You are the miracle!  You are the accomplishment!  You are the extraordinary event that occurred!  So, do not ever doubt yourself.  You are living proof that miracles happen every single day.  And all of those people around you, they are miracles too.  Life is so full of blessings.   You are a blessing, don’t ever forget that.

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