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Friday January 19 , 2018
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The First Breath of Life

Relax and get comfortable.  We’re going to take a few slow, deep breathes.   As you exhale each breath, release all of the stress and burdens that you carry around with you.  With each breath you take, you release more and more until you are in a relaxed and peaceful state.  You are surrounded by white light, you are surrounded by love.

When you have reached a calm and peaceful state, take yourself back to the moment that you drew your very first breath.  That moment was pure, full of love and innocence.  There was no knowledge at that moment, no learned behavior to speak of, there was only that breath.

Every life lesson from that moment on has taught you how to love, it has taught you how to live and it has taught you how to feel.  Each lesson has brought you one step closer to where you are now.

Each lesson has taught you how to love and who to trust.  Each lesson presented to us, has taught us the joys of laughter and the deep sadness of loss.  With each situation that we have gone through, it has taught us how to judge, who to judge and the constant knowing that we will be judged.

Think back to that first breath; before fear, hate, anger, jealousy, racism and meanness where ever experienced or where a part of your vocabulary. Think back to every negative experience and replace with it with thoughts full of love.  Think of you in your moments, each of us is responsible for our own life path.  There are times while we’re on our path that we will have many with us on our journey and there will be often times that we’re alone.

Imagine yourself as a baby lying in a bassinette in the hospital.  You are so innocent and full of love.  Take a look around you, look at all the other babies in their bassinets; they are also full of love and innocence.  They are of every race and religion.   All of those other babies grow up to be the people that you meet at the store, at the gas station, on the train, they are your co-workers; they are teachers, doctors, lawyers and cell mates.  Yes, we were all born of love and innocence and with a pure heart.  For each of us, our life path has brought some of us closer and some of us further away from where we should be.

I look at life more of a journey, back to the moment we were born, back to the moment we took our very first breath.  Life is more than living it to the fullest and appreciating each breath but we also have to take the time and undo all of the negative things that we’ve learned since birth.  Each day we have to carry with us only the good, the love and the peace.


0 #2 Tami Principe 2017-08-01 06:08
Thank your for sharing your thoughts, Muriel! We spend the first half of our lives learning things and another portion of our lives rethinking and relearning other things.
0 #1 Muriel 2017-07-29 01:24
My first breath was a log time ago (feeling a bit old right now...), but you are right, it's important to wind down, forget about all the noise and get back to the start. I should do it more often! Thanks!

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