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Friday January 19 , 2018
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Be Still Troubled Waters

Be still troubled waters, rest easy my weary soul. I replace the troubled waters with a calm that lies deep within my soul.  Just knowing; that whatever happens, I remain in a place of peace and contentment.  Within me lies such an amazing inner peace that transcends all the past, present and future events that have occurred or have yet to occur in my life.

Be still troubled waters as fear resides here no more.  Knowing that the sun will show its glorious face, it only takes a moment for the troubled waters to reappear.  The storm won’t last forever, brighter days will appear.

Yes, be still troubled waters, I am standing strong again.  During my moment of weakness I rely heavily on all that is within.

Whatever you happened to be going through, may your troubled waters be calm soon.  Through life’s tragedies, may you have the strength to see you through!  Enjoy every moment, laugh until it hurts.  Don’t drown in troubled waters you must muster up all your strength.  You must get up off of your knees and enjoy all of the blessings to come.

Always take a moment and take notice of the amazing beauty that landscapes our world.  This amazing world that we live in gives and takes in the blink of an eye.  We are all just fleeting moments living between the earth, the trees and the sky.

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