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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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It seems like it has been ages since I sat down and wrote a blog.  There were many times that I started to write, but I felt that I didn’t have the energy to put into it to produce the quality that I wanted.

So, I sit here in utter amazement of how fast time has been able to escape me.  Let me give you a little more detail.  We purchased a small cottage on the river a few years back, it was a nice house but we had to keep our other house in case the river flooded.  So, we flooded two years ago, we moved back into our home, which we had rented out to my son.  We decided to demolish our home on the river as the damage was too extensive.  After the demolition was complete we jumped in and built our home.  My husband and I built our beautiful home.

Exhausted and feeling the financial hit, we decided to sell our other home. Seventeen years we had lived at the house and there were plenty of reminders in some of the items that were still there.  lol As we sifted, sorted, cleaned and removed items from the house, it occurred to me that that house was the longest that I had lived anywhere and my husband and I shared some wonderful memories we had there.

So, as we continue to fix small things here and there and put on a fresh coat of paint to sell the house, it seems that that is all we’ve been doing for the past couple of years with no break to speak of.  You see, when a co-worker had called me about the house on the river, I could not wait to see it.  We had just finished up a project on our other home, we demolished a one car detached garage and built a 2 ½ car attached garage, it came out beautiful.  It was the month of November when we looked at the house on the river, it had been through a flood, wet carpet lay on the deck, there was no heat and all of the appliances were unplugged.  The house was a mess and some would have thought a total loss. My husband and I assessed the damage and thought of the homes possibilities.  We negotiated the price and paid $6K for the house. I got a personal loan with the title to my truck and my husband got an advance on his Christmas Bonus and we bought the house on the river.  We’re far from being rich but realized what an amazing opportunity this was, and from that moment on the work began.

With the holiday’s approaching, I cannot express enough just how thankful I am.  I have only shared with you a small fraction of our lives over the last couple of years which has involved a lot of work.  As I say goodbye to both of our homes, I reflect on all of the birthdays, holiday’s and every precious moment in between that life has blessed us with.  I reflect on the hard times, when I didn’t want to go into the house on the river again because it reminded me of not being able to get out of bed due to chemotherapy and remembering how hard it was to walk.  My husband and I discussing how we’re going to be able to keep both places, we had to keep the other house too because the house on the river does flood.  So, there was a lot of praying going on.  Every decision that we made was asked in a prayer.  Every single up and down moment that life has led us down comes from love, a prayer and a soft spoken, “thank you.”

As my life continues to unfold, I continue to acknowledge all of my blessings and continue to be grateful.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I must share with you the most amazing thing.  My husband and I don’t get downtown much, we mostly go out to eat or enjoy a movie locally.  It had been years since we were downtown and recently our friends invited us to go. We had a blast!  It had been a long time since we actually were able to enjoy ourselves, there was always work to be done.

I recently reflected on how far I’ve come.  To some it may seem like an accomplishment and for some, no big deal.  A couple of years ago, I remember being downtown in the parking garage feeling overwhelmed with fear and worry.  How long are my legs going to hold up today?  I was literally exhausted from walking by the time we made it from the parking garage to the street.  That was my nightmare which became real.  It had been a couple years of exercising and testing my legs to get to this point and I failed miserably.  I avoided anything that involved long periods of standing or walking.  No going to big box stores, no long lines, no more running, limited amount of tennis, etc. It was this last trip downtown that many realizations occurred.  Not only did I make it from the parking garage to the main street,  I was able to walk and enjoy the evening with periods of resting in between.  I sit in amazement and overwhelmed with thankfulness.  It was during my busiest of times that I had grown the most.  I was just too busy to notice it.  Lol.  I guess that is how life works, sometimes we get so busy living it that often times we forget how far we've come.  I am in the best place; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.   If you were walking next to me when I was downtown, it might have looked like I was not having fun.  On the contrary, I was busy overcoming my limits, pushing myself past my comfort zone and I am grateful and blessed for the opportunity to do so.

As you give thanks this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, always remember how blessed you are and be thankful for those rough times.  You see, it is during your rough times that help make up who you are.  Those rough times are going to tell you who is going to win your soul, the good or the bad, evil or good.  If you are tired, cold or exhausted, rest and push on!  Never give up!

Be thankful for the family and friends who are by your side and have kept you strong and held you up while you were weak.  It might be one who you would have never batted an eye at, who might end up saving your soul, never judge.  It is the ones whose ears are closed who cannot hear your hopes and dreams, be there for others.  As you give thanks for this holiday season, it is not what you have or don’t have; it is how much life you shared.

I’m wishing you the most beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas filled with love and laughter.  Give thanks for those both near and far away.  Be thankful for the time with those who are no longer with us.  Be thankful for what’s coming your way.  May all of God’s blessings continue to shine on you and through you!


0 #4 Tami Principe 2017-11-21 07:48
Thank you so much, Roy! It is great to be back. I am blessed with the blessings of nature at my new home. Love it! Thank you again.
0 #3 ROY A ACKERMAN, PhD, 2017-11-21 06:35
May your new home provide you all the blessings you need.
Great to see you back writiing.
0 #2 Tami Principe 2017-11-20 16:49
Thank you so much, Patty! I appreciate it very much. Wishing you a the many blessing that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring.
0 #1 Patty Hancock 2017-11-20 11:48
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and very Merry Christmas.

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