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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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A cold winter's day

You walk outside and feel the cold of the winter’s day.  The cold wind is blowing the last of the fallen leaves.  Yes, it is winter.  It is cold.  Your heart yearns for the warmness of the summer sun.  Still, you enjoy the peace and solitude that the wintertime brings.

You walk through the forest and see signs of life in the trees, the animals scurrying about looking for food.  All is peaceful, all is at peace. You see your breathe as you walk, your cheeks are red from the cold.  You pause for a moment and look around.  You begin to reflect on how alive the forest was.  Sure, the squirrels still run and play, but they are more concerned with warmth and food at this time.

As you wander inside, you reflect on this time last year, all of the things that had transpired since last year.  My, my how far you’ve come.  You reflect on all of the people in your life, those whose life have come and gone.  You cherish the memories and savor the moments yet to come with those as you journey through life.

Winter is a special time to enjoy and reflect.  It is a time to take stock of everything and to set goals for the upcoming year.  Winter is also a very fun time of year; everything from snowboarding, snowmobiling, snow ball fights, sledding and building a snowman.  As you try on snowsuits and boots you sit in amazement of how much your children have grown since last year.

All of the fields are barren; it is time for the earth to rest.  Soon, it will provide nourishment for many.  The sky is filled with clouds which hold moisture as Mother Nature decides if it will rain or snow.  The water on the river is flowing past the parts that are frozen.  You can see the ice shifting and you can hear the wonderful sound of the water flowing.  As snow covers the scenery it brings such beauty that is so profound against the colorlessness and stillness that winter brings.

As you cherish those moments during your reflection, may you also realize that your future holds no limits.  May all you dream of transpire!  May you continue to be blessed and stay blessed!  May each day shine upon you with tremendous beauty and the sheer joy of experiencing life!  Always remain grateful for another day.

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