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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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For Every Moment

These are thoughts which keep me humbled and filled with gratitude.

For every moment of pleasure there is sickness somewhere.

For every moment of richness there is someone financially distraught.

For every moment you awake and move about freely, there is someone struggling.

For every moment of joy, there is someone shedding a tear.

For every moment that you treasure holding a precious child, there is somebody somewhere saying their last goodbyes.

These thoughts are not to take away the joy of the moment, but to be humbled by those moments and a chance to feel and show my gratitude for all that I have.

Where there is warmth, somewhere someone is cold.

When you have a full belly, somewhere someone goes hungry.

When you feel the love of a loved one, somewhere someone is being abused.

For all that you do, for all that you say, there are those who are unable to do so.

Spread hope, love and cheer.

When you feel wanted and needed by others, there are those who are isolated from everyone.

Sometimes we feel so large and vibrant in our world, but the truth is that we’re so small in a world filled with so many.

Our tongue can soothe so many souls and that same tongue can break someone.  Choose your words wisely.

Always make yourself aware of all the blessings in life.  Be grateful for the small things, treasure them.

You may not; talk like me, walk like me, dress like me, look like me, act like me or feel like me, just appreciate and respect me, just like I do you.

Remember, life is simple.  In the end we’re all the same, our hearts beat and we bleed red.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing is more important, just us all trying to survive and get along as best we can in the process.  So, wish that stranger good will and much success.  Lift each other up, give them hope and let them know that they’re not all alone in this.  Together we can all make a difference and none of the other stuff will matter.

Sometimes I think that the values we teach our children get forgotten through the years of our adulthood.  Remember what you taught your children; you are who they look up to and who they learn from.  They are our future.  So, don’t cut the guy off next to you, let him merge.  Don’t say mean things about your coworkers, they are there for a paycheck too.  Don’t criticize others; you wouldn’t want it done to you.  Never judge!

For every good, there is bad.  It is the yin and the yang of life.  We are to learn from them and appreciate the lessons.  We’re all here only for a short time, so be thankful for all the joy and the many blessings in your life.  Stay humbled and grateful.

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