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Sunday February 25 , 2018
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Breast Cancer

For some, the word Breast Cancer is just another word and for others it is a battle.  From the moment you feel a lump in your breast or the moment   your mammogram results are in question, you feel a strong sense of panic.  The words, “Breast Cancer” carries on you like the weight of the world.


More Than a Pink Ribbon

If you have ever had a journey with Breast Cancer, you know that it is much more than a pink ribbon. Many of the women that I have spoken with had resented the pink ribbon at one point or another.


Remembering Talia Castellano

By Sarah E. Williams

Talia Castellano a beautiful soul and inspiration to many passed this Tuesday from Cancer.  At only 13 Talia established an audience of over 14 million followers with her YouTube makeup tutorials. Her courageous story won the hearts of many celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars to name a few.

On the Ellen show she was named an honorary Cover Girl and received a personalized message from Bruno Mars stating, “Your courage- inspiring, and your spirit- infectious, you’re amazing just the way you are!!”



I joined a couple of cancer groups on Facebook and something rang out amid all the ailments.  This was the true sound of abandonment.  Before I continue I must say that I am sure that this rings true not only with cancer patients, but anyone with any type of ailment.  If I help just one person, then I have accomplished my goal.  Here’s how life goes.


The True Meaning of Love

After I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, I knew my life would change.  I had no idea how drastic the changes were going to be.  It was hard because you hear different horror stories, in reality; everyone's body is different so the reaction to chemotherapy and radiation will differ.  I found this out the hard way.  Things that I expected to happen didn't.  They had the opposite effect on me.  My doctors called me "highly sensitive."

Through everything; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, my husband was there through it all.  It was just him and I on this journey.  He cooked and cleaned, worked and brought me to some of my chemotherapy treatments, all with a supportive attitude.  He has helped me out of bed and helped me walk more times than I can possibly count.  He has been my rock.  On my weak days he listened patiently and held me as I cried.  He always told me I was the strong one.  I drew from my inner strength, but he was a great source of my strength as well.


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