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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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Sometimes we amaze ourselves by the amount of inner strength that we draw from. Our inner strength guides us with patience and understanding among other things. While we tend to downplay or simply avoid where our strength comes from, we know it’s there.


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I am not familiar with the upcoming events, though there are many that are.  There are so many types of cancer, and none of them are good.  But it can be beat!  I can sit here and whine about not wanting to have a port put in, or about losing my hair.  But that is not what this is about.  It’s about compassion.


There is some point in your life when you know someone or you are personally touched by cancer. Everyone reacts different to the disease. Some people get mad, some people sigh at what lies ahead for them. But everyone must agree that a positive attitude is what helps you heal.


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