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Sunday October 22 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.


Through teary eyes we gain our strength.

Through times of worry we learn to release.

Through others, our own compassion and caring continue to grow.


On Solid Ground

Here I stand, on solid ground.  The earth may shake beneath me and the skies may open up above me, but I still stand on solid ground.

Those around me may tremble, become tired or lonely.  But I stand firm in who I am and I’m constantly and consistently aware of all.  My strength lies in who I am.  I may be weak at times, but the ground that I stand on is still firm.


Embracing Your Uniqueness

We all possess our own unique qualities.  Our uniqueness is something that distinguishes who we are.

If there was one thing that I could change in this world it would be how women continue to criticize one another.  I don’t think that it has helped us in the last one hundred years and I don’t think that it will benefit us in the next one hundred years.  Our goal should be to help lift each other up, that is what other women need and what our children need to see. A child knows when their mom comes home stressed from work, they may even overhear conversations that their mom has about their job.



To say that I am concerned about my fellow man is an understatement.  Regardless of anyone’s political views, I have never seen such hatred that one man/woman has for another, simply because they have different views.

We had an election, regardless of who won that election, that elected official has the right to try and change the sad shape that this world is in.  Regardless of who won, I would say let’s try and fix this nation!  In the name of hope, I would let that person try.



In just one single moment, one simple thought followed by one simple action can bring about change.

It only takes one thing to bring about change in the world.  One does not seem like a very powerful number, but it is.  Just take a look around you.  Everything you see from homes, stores, to the electricity you use, all came from a single thought.


The American Flag

The American Flag, at full-mast, flies freely for all to see.  During a time of grief and sorrow, our American flag is lowered to half-mast.

The American Flag represents all who are in our country, regardless who was born here or from other lands, our flag should be respected by all.  All branches of our military, police, firefighters and all service professionals, alive and deceased, have all honored our flag.


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