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Wednesday June 28 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.

We Got This! A Benefit for Ken Martin

In July of 2010 at 28 years old, my nephew, Ken Martin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adrenal Gland cancer.  Adrenal gland cancer is extremely rare, affecting 1-2 in every 1 million people.  On July 13th, Ken underwent surgery to remove a 10-inch tumor, his adrenal gland, kidney, spleen a portion of his pancreas.  He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments to attack the cancer which has spread to his bones and lymph nodes.


The Young, Impressionable Little Girl

I see the color of your skin.  I see the color of your hair.  Mine is straight and yours is curly.  I am short and you are tall.  My eyes are big and yours are small.  We both love to play.  I have a jump rope and you have a ball.  My tummy’s big and yours is small.

All the kids are always around you; I’m always alone.  They all joke about me being fat, but deep down we’re all the same.  Your clothes are new and mine are old.  Can you come over after school and play?  “I can’t, I have ballet class today.”

You’re so popular; I wish I was like you.  You have so many friends, even boys too.  I want to be skinny and wear clothes like you too.  I can’t wait to grow up so I can be pretty too.



Choices; we all make them everyday. Some of us learn from the poor choices that we’ve made in life. Some of us regret the choices that we’ve made. A lot of us understand the repercussions of the choices we have made. A lot of people don’t understand the repercussions at all.

I feel that there should be a mandatory class on decision making skills in school. I think that it should be in the primary grades and then again in junior high and high school.

Sure, in Social Studies you learn all about choices and decisions regarding economics, but it is based on price comparison methods. To a teenager it means nothing unless you put it in terms that they will understand, and even with that being said, it is still no assurance that they will make the right decisions in life.

I honestly feel that if we spent more time in educating our young on their decision making process, it would help our drop out rate in schools. It would affect the judicial system in the following ways: the police, the juvenile detention system, the prison system, court system, etc.

The thing that people need to understand is that not all parents teach their children good decision practices. Some parents do not have these skills themselves. So as a society it is our job to make sure that each child has these very important skills.

Let’s work together to make sure this is part of every child’s curriculum. We need to make sure that this is a priority for the Board of Education as well.


The Newborn

It was more than twenty five years ago, and it was a day that I will never forget.  I had given birth to my second son in the beginning of September.  I brought him home to a one bedroom apartment.  The bedroom was big, both of my sons slept in there and my husband at the time and I slept on a foldout couch.  I had already learned how precious life was I had had two previous miscarriages, and I was lucky to have gone full term with both my sons.  I had a tubal ligation at the tender age of 21; there would be no more babies.

A couple of weeks later I had noticed a lady carrying something small in my apartment complex.  I had seen her once before with a man that had lived in the building.  It was a baby, I really didn’t know anyone in the building at the time, we had just moved there.  A couple of days after that I got a knock at my door.  I invited the lady in and she said that she had to get to the store and get more diapers and formula for the baby and she asked if I’d watch her.  I said sure, so she brought her over.  I never asked about formula or anything because she was just going to the store, it was about 4 blocks from where we lived, and I had diapers.

When she brought her to me she was crying.  After she left the baby was still crying.  The baby never stopped crying.  I walked the floor and I sang to her, I fed her some from the formula that I had, I tried burping her and the baby never stopped crying.  My oldest son was colic and so I was use to the different techniques to use to try and sooth a baby, but this one was so different.  This baby just shook.  She kept putting her tiny fists in her mouth, so I thought she was hungry.  Feeding her did not ease her misery at all.


Our Right to Privacy

Our right to privacy is something that everyone has a right to.  And it is such a shame that people can pick and choose when they feel like invading someone else’s space.  For an example; if someone wants to be left alone and it is their wish and it’s sad that others do not acknowledge the other person’s right to not be bothered.

I personally don’t understand the camera man shoving his camera in someone’s face for the sake of a story.  Especially when there are times when they should be left alone regardless of how important they feel the story will be.    For an example; weddings, births and deaths, this is when they need their privacy the most.

We have all seen it when someone gets mad at the camera man.  When someone has been pushed too far and it turns ugly.   Have we not learned anything from the death of Princess Diane?  I would hope so.

As far as I’m concerned; if the stars have anything that they would like for us to know, they will go on a talk show or have a news conference.  As far as pictures of them and their families; their publicist can release them.



Summertime is a festive time of year and it is also a time to think about safety.  Here are a few tips:

Pool Safety-don't run near pools, keep life jackets and floating devices handy, keep your eyes open for swimmers that are struggling in the water, point out life guard stations at the beach,  have a meeting place if children get lost.

Firework Safety-leave it to the professionals, watch smaller children around them.

Storm Safety-don't rely on sirens, stay tuned and be on the lookout.  Go to the basement, have radio, water and flashlight.

Summertime events-point out workers at an event or amusement park so your child will go to one if they get lost.  Have a designated meeting spot if you get seperated.

Hiking Safety-tell someone where you will be going, go with someone else, bring lots of water, know your territory, bring something that makes noise, a whistle, cell phones don't work in the woods.

Motorcycle Safety-be seen and look out for motorcycles, wear bright colors, have reflectors, bring rain gear, wear helmet and protective gear.

Finally, carry a small first aid kit, have it on hand in your boat, car, ATV, motorcycle or anyplace else you can think of. Summertime is a time for bumps and skinned knees.  So don't forget your helmet and knee pads and your reflectors for you and your children.  *Be safe and have a great summer!


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