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Tuesday August 22 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.

The Life of a Single Mom

I am writing this to pay my respect for all of the single mother’s in the world. All around the globe, many women are facing struggles daily while others may not be aware of the everyday struggles that they face.  Even though this article is about mothers, there are many single fathers around the world who face the same challenges.


At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.  All things that seemed like mountains have become small bumps in the road.  All things trivial have no bearing on your soul.


Quiet the Chatter

There are so many different types of personalities walking our earth.  Some people are reserved, some are boisterous and some have a “take it or leave it,” attitude.  There has been so much negativity on social media that I decided to just not pay attention to it for a little while.

Everyone is unique and entitled to their opinions.  But, if that opinion bothers you or upsets you or is downright mean to another human being, delete it right away.  There has been a lot of meanness and ugliness on social media.  Hatred only breeds more hatred.  There are good and bad in all races and religions.  Look at the individual and realize that it not the same process of thinking of an entire race.  I know many loving souls of all nationalities and I only wish the very best for them.  Life is hard for some and there is no reason to make it even harder on them.


None of My Business

Here is a powerful statement, “What you think of me is none of MY business.”  Think about that for a moment.



We all have abundance in our lives, it comes in many forms.  Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting that we are blindsided by what already exists.  Some people think that abundance is in a material form, which is not always the case.

Here are a few examples of the forms of abundance; wealth, knowledge, spiritual and so on.  We are blessed with an abundance of love for friends, family and the universe.  When we plant seeds we see the abundance of our crops that we harvest.


Your Authenticity

Here is a powerful mantra that I use daily.  I want to share it with you and break it down a little bit.  If you have anything to add to it that may help someone, by all means please add a comment.  Thank you!


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