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Saturday December 16 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.


I am writing about this subject matter because it affects all of us on a daily basis.  Each day we transform ourselves through our thoughts, actions or a life event.  The people around us may be a strong influence on the types of changes we wish to make.

The transformation process affects any area of your life which you desire to change or which life forces us to change.  Whatever it is that you wish to change in your life; it only takes ONE single thought followed by a positive action for the transformation process to begin.


Our Energy

Sometimes our busy schedule does not allow us to sit and think about how life works because we are too busy living it.  There is a natural flow to life; it is about our energy, the energy that surrounds us and that which we choose to absorb.

I refer to everything in life as yin and yang.  Everything has energy and some energy vibrations are louder or stronger than others.  Energies can either compliment or not compliment other energies. To me, yin and yang means completion only when the energies are complimentary to each other or they balance each other out.  Energy is all around us; constantly moving, shifting and changing.


The World Is a Stage

Occasionally I watch various TV shows where people display their talents.  Inside each person was a level of nervousness.  Sadly, I felt that some were judged by the way they looked before they even displayed their talent.  Not every show displayed this, but there were some.

It is sad that some of those who went on stage were being judged by their age, nationality, the clothes they wore or the size they were.  My heart sank!  Now that person on stage had to knock down all of the preconceived notions that everyone had placed on them.  Our society needs to teach each generation that it is NOT okay to judge anyone!  There are a lot of people who do not judge others as well.  I am a person who believes that actions speak so much louder than words.  The point to this blog is to somehow help those who struggle to fit in and for those who spend most of their time alone rather than to be judged by a somewhat cruel world.  Being judged happens daily in life!  Often times in our school and work environment.


Release Expectations

We all hold others in high regard.  When we give all of our love and devotion, we expect others to live up to the same expectations.  When we call others to catch up or to show our concern, we expect the same when we are going through things as well.


So Powerful

The human body is so unique.  It is amazing how each cell and organ work together to make us function.  I wish to point out three things which strike me the most; the voice, the brain and the hands.


The Escape

We live our lives grabbing every moment of happiness that we can.  We cling to the fabulous moments and pray to get through the tough times.  We enjoy the company of those who surround us in good times and bad.  We treasure those relationships that are far away and strive to keep the communication going.

But there are times when life gets overwhelming.  Through the loss of jobs, breakups, death and other hard times, we sometimes need a break from it.  This is when the little things that we do for ourselves come into play.  Everyone deals with stress differently; some might go shopping while others might find a nice quiet spot and just bask in the peacefulness of their surroundings.  And then we have others who choose to forget their problems altogether and turn to drinking or drugs.


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