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Sunday December 17 , 2017
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A new blog will be posted weekly.  My intent is to offer you hope and encouragement in happiness and during life’s struggles.  Life is so short and so precious.  I wish you love, happiness and prosperity every moment of everyday.

Be Still Troubled Waters

Be still troubled waters, rest easy my weary soul. I replace the troubled waters with a calm that lies deep within my soul.  Just knowing; that whatever happens, I remain in a place of peace and contentment.  Within me lies such an amazing inner peace that transcends all the past, present and future events that have occurred or have yet to occur in my life.

Be still troubled waters as fear resides here no more.  Knowing that the sun will show its glorious face, it only takes a moment for the troubled waters to reappear.  The storm won’t last forever, brighter days will appear.


The First Breath of Life

Relax and get comfortable.  We’re going to take a few slow, deep breathes.   As you exhale each breath, release all of the stress and burdens that you carry around with you.  With each breath you take, you release more and more until you are in a relaxed and peaceful state.  You are surrounded by white light, you are surrounded by love.

When you have reached a calm and peaceful state, take yourself back to the moment that you drew your very first breath.  That moment was pure, full of love and innocence.  There was no knowledge at that moment, no learned behavior to speak of, there was only that breath.


Everything You Imagine IS Possible

Whatever day to day diversions happen in your life, the important thing is to keep your dream alive.  We all have many things that we want to accomplish in our lifetime, but sometimes we lose sight of those dreams.  Through our daily responsibilities, they slowly get pushed to the side and sometimes they eventually get lost.

All you have to do is widen your imagination.  You have to go beyond what you believe your limits are, you have to come to the realization that you do not have any limits, only the ones that you put on yourself.  Some have goals that they monitor closely to help them obtain their dream.  Some don’t have a dream, either way there is no right nor wrong.


So Different

Wouldn’t life be so different if we actually knew all of the facts instead of assuming every detail?

I’m sure our perspective would change if the situation was reversed.

How wonderful life would be if we lived it as if we were looking down from above.


A Divine Light

Deep within our soul lies a divine light which shines within all of us.  For some, the light shines brightly and for others, through time and events, that light has dimmed. It is only through love, compassion, and gratitude, which transcends us to a higher place.  It is how we treat others which will play bearing on our soul.  It is what we choose to do, which will also illuminate the divine light in others.


All Is Not Lost

It is during our moments of reflection when we feel that we’ve wasted so much of our precious time.  These moments could be the result of a relationship that ended, divorce, job change or the result of any type of loss.    Some might be left with the feeling of, “why did I stay so long?” or “why didn’t I figure this out a long time ago?”

It is during the reflection that the moments stand out so strong.  The point is, all is not lost.  You were not where you needed to be to get through it; mentally, physically or both.  Life has a way of preparing you for things and the universe sends you people and circumstances to help you grow.  Are you the same person you were twenty years ago?  Probably not.  For some, a moment, day or month can bring about substantial change.


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