All Is Not Lost

It is during our moments of reflection when we feel that we’ve wasted so much of our precious time.  These moments could be the result of a relationship that ended, divorce, job change or the result of any type of loss.    Some might be left with the feeling of, “why did I stay so long?” or “why didn’t I figure this out a long time ago?”

It is during the reflection that the moments stand out so strong.  The point is, all is not lost.  You were not where you needed to be to get through it; mentally, physically or both.  Life has a way of preparing you for things and the universe sends you people and circumstances to help you grow.  Are you the same person you were twenty years ago?  Probably not.  For some, a moment, day or month can bring about substantial change.

The important thing to remember is that all is not lost.  Not one day, moment, month or years.  You’ve stayed at the job because you needed to be there, possibly to learn more job skills.  You stayed in the relationship/marriage longer because you weren’t strong enough nor prepared enough to leave.  You needed something from that relationship to teach you.  You have possibly felt so robbed due to the loss of a loved one and you would give everything for just one more moment with them, and you reflect on times when maybe you could have done more for them or with them.  Again, all is not lost.  Time is never lost, sometimes not valued, but never lost.

Time gives us the opportunity to get it right the next time, to make things better, to feel more appreciation towards others and to show them how valuable they are to you.

Through the loss of time you can never go forward in a bitter state of mind.  You have to realize that the growth you have gone through has been substantial and for that you cannot be bitter.  You cannot be mad at yourself for not changing your job sooner, it served its purpose and now you’ve moved on.

Sometimes our connections to other people are so strong and we’re meant to stay with them for as long as we need to be.  You will know when the right time to leave will be and you will also know if you are supposed to stay, just listen.  Listen to what you’re mind, body and spirit is telling you.  Pay close attention to the people the universe is sending you and also take a moment to reflect on just how much you have grown.  All is not lost, it never is.  Maybe you were meant to love a little deeper, have a little more fun, be stronger, have more faith or show more gratitude, all was not lost.